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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


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PERSONAL NUMEROLOGY REPORT at Rising Energy, www.risingenergy.com
Numerology is the ancient study of the meanings of numbers. Using your birth certificate name and date of birth, numerology can tell you many different things about your personal life. It offers you valuable and unbiased information to help you…

v discover your inner self and life purpose.
v understand the evolving patterns in your life.
v Analyze your personality.
v Explore options for behavior change.
v Direct your life with positive meaning
v Plan your activities and projects.

Numerology dates back to the beginnings of history to the father of numerology, Pythagoras, who believed that numbers were a sacred science, the basis of all art, science and music, and the key to spiritual life. Like astrology, numerology is based on the rhythms of one's birth date, but includes in addition a study of one's name. According to Pythagoras, there are nine basic experiences common to humanity as represented by the numbers 1 through 9. A mastery of these nine principles encompasses the totality of what it means to be a person.


This report analyzes all the principal numbers in your name and birthdate. It includes short paragraphs on your numbers for:

* motivation * impression * expression * life cycles * turning points * major and minor challenges.

Your Personal Numerology Report will be emailed to you or sent to you in an attractive presentation folder if requested (postage and handling additional fee). Makes an ideal, thoughtful and inspiring gift for family members or friends.

When ordering your report, we will need the following information:

v The date of birth.
v The name on the birth certificate.
v Your mailing address

To order online you should enter this information in the specified section of the online order form.
Single report: $25.00 U.S.
Compatibility report:$45.00
( when mailed) plus posting and handling

Helpful hints for getting the most out of your free numerology reports
Be sure to use your full "Birth Certificate" name for the most accurate Birth Name reading. Your Birth Name describes your life "blueprint" and provides your Core numbers.

Try your Current Name to see what you're working on *now* in life. Where your Birth Name describes the underlying "Who" that is You, your Current Name (or Adopted Name, Nick Name, Stage Name or Married Name) describe overlying aspects that you have or are developing now. Your Current Name gives a glimpse into how you have evolved your Birth Name.

You can also numerology to check out or create a business name, baby name, pet name, project name or find out the essence of any word or phrase you can think of!

The Personal Year is your unique numerological cycle for this year - the year that you run the report. It is a calculation that blends your Birthday with the Current Year so it represents the "flavor" of year this for you. The same goes for the Personal Month and Personal Day - They are for the Month and Day that you actually got your reading.

http://www.risingenergy.com Rising Energy Reiki Healing


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