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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Scent by Spirit Has Them Licked With New Dog Zen Shampoo

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Scent by Spirit Has Them Licked With New Dog Zen Shampoo-Scent by Spirit is an online boutique that I discovered months back while looking for exotic teas and chocolates. Scent by Spirit just released a new shampoo that is supposed to be excellent not only for pets but the whole family! I am going to give it a try, not on me, but on my dog Boudha, a lasha Lapso with thick wooly hair and a generous heart. I will let you know what I think of it later on....here is the release. You may check it out for yourself.  And the bottle is so cute!!!!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEThe shampoo is available for purchase on the Scent By Spirit website, www.ScentBySpirit.com, orby phone at 425-227-4364.

Scent by Spirit Has Them Licked With New Dog ShampooStrong enough for a woman but made for a canine

Renton, WA (rushprnews) October 31-2005 – People are passionate about their dogs. They pamper them, dress them, tote them around in fancy bags, and maybe even purchase the latest canine couture. The one thing all pet owners have in common is pet odor, and while there are a multitude of choices available for bathing your cherished pet – they aren’t all created equal. Rachel Johnston, founder of Scent by Spirit, recently discovered Zen Soaps' new line of Pet Shampoos – so gentle that the whole family can use them!As an avid pet owner, Rachel Johnston will be the first to tell you that her pets are members of her family. She carefully selects her pet care products, diligently inspecting the labels to ensure that no harmful chemicals are present. When Rachel heard about Zen Soaps' new shampoos, she was eager to test them out for herself, and upon doing so, couldn't wait to share them with her friends and customers. “I couldn’t believe the difference in the way that my hair felt after using this product,” she explained. “And the addition of essential oils is a pleasant alternative to synthetic fragrances,” she added.

The shampoos start with one basic premise: dogs lick. This line of products utilizes a wash that is safe enough for use on children, and has the pH of water. The manufacturers considered the fact that dogs have noses that are twenty-five times more sensitive than humans when formulating the blends. They are infused with plant extracts that benefit the hair and skin, and several of the blends are scented with naturally processed essential oils.Unlike many commercial products, Zen Soaps' Pet Shampoo rinses away easily, and leaves behind no residue on your pet. The result? A shinier, healthier coat for your best friend. Zen Soaps tells us that after a few uses, your pet may even begin to look forward to bath time. Now that’s Zen!

The shampoo ($16.95 for 16 ounces bottle) is available for purchase on the Scent By Spirit website, located at www.ScentBySpirit.com, you may order by phone at 425-227-4364.About ScentbySpirit.com ScentbySpirit.com is a woman-owned and family-run business in the heart of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. The company was born from the desire of owner Rachel Johnston's vision to combine the tactile sensations of blending fragrance, herbs and, most of all, teas. Ms. Johnston's mission is to offer the opportunity for everyone to experience what used to be considered luxury items with tremendous joy and outstanding quality, while having only a moderate impact on the pocket book. Rachel believes that luxury, indulgence and pampering is our birthright. As children of Spirit, we owe it to ourselves to nurture the divine within and care for ourselves on levels: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.You can check them out at: http://www.scentbyspirit.comInterview
Contact: Rachel Johnston - Founder PR@scentbyspirit.com 4004 NE 4th St. – Suite 107-207 Renton, WA 98056 Voice: 425-227-GENI Fax: 888- 696-4517
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