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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Goddess Wristband For Sale

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My girlfriend Esta Weiss distributes these lovely bracelets to symbolyse religious tolerance….They make for a great gift and to keep one for yourself. Check these out!
Contact: Esta Weiss paganart.dreamdivining.com 12149 Indiana Ave Riverside, Ca  92503 Phone on request esta@dslextreme.com
Goddess Wristbands for Religious Tolerance, now in Elemental colors Bands around the world to promote and support religious freedom Show your Pride, Wear your Strength
11/01/05 - Riverside, Ca USA-  The Goddess Wristbands Group, announces the launch of its new product, Goddess wristbands, now in 4 new colors by popular request. Earth, Wind, Fire and Water and our original Spirit.
These 100% synthetic silicone rubber wristbands with the word Goddess and embossed triple moon, are like many others that are currently on the market with slogans galore. But unlike  many of those others, ours are much more than mere decoration for they serve a much higher purpose.
These bands are not just to promote Pagan faiths and show a love of the Goddess, but are sold to provide a tangible means to help support groups for religious tolerance and freedom for all religions. We invite you to express your solidarity of faith, to show your strength of unity, and support this project to the betterment of all peoples.
10-25% of all clear profits from these bands are donated by individual members, to groups that promote religious tolerance and freedom. Please see individual site listings for lists of groups we donate to. We have also provided the bands themselves, for free to groups that do fund raisers.
We feel its all well and good to think good thoughts about promoting religious freedom and acceptance of the rights of all people to worship as they will, but we felt that we should take that one step further and put some real money where are our sentiments lie. From that desire Goddess Wristbands where born.( Patent pending )
Conceived in Sept. 2004 and became a reality after much work, money and effort in Dec. 2004. They are the brain child of Lisa Harrison who is the Coordinator and primary investor, and designed by Esta Weiss of Pagan Art.
There are currently 5 individuals invested in the project, through website marketing.
West Coast, Lisa Harrison, retailer and wholesale http://www.goddesswristband.org Esta Weiss, retail http://paganart.dreamdivining.com/
Central US, Lonewolf Visions, retail http://www.goddesswristbands.com
Eastern US - Mystical Senses, retail http://www.mysticalsenses.com/ Robin's Cloak and Dagger, retail http://www.robinscloakanddagger.com
To date we have sold, collectively, nearly a 1000 of them, world wide.
We currently have them in the colors of the elements, Earth (green), Wind (yellow), Fire (red) and Water (blue), as well as our original Spirit (purple) and two sizes, normal and small.
It is our intention to keep selling these bands by the ones, twos and the coven dozen, until one of two things happens, everybody already has one, or we have achieved our goal of religious equality.
If you know of a group that promotes religious freedoms, that you feel deserves our donations, please  email us and bring them to our attention and we will be happy to consider them for our donations list.
Religious tolerance for all must prevail before there will be any Peace on Earth.  Like the saying says, "Let change begin with me."  http://paganart.dreamdivining.com/
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