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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Please join my Reiki Healing Circle - from wherever you are in the world.

Reiki and Psychic Newsletter, please feel free to submit to me articles and news items about Reiki, Astrology and other metaphysical subjects.

Free Distant Healing Circle at http://www.risingenergy.com/Healing-Circle.html
by Rising Energy
* Be carefree -don't worry, be happy
* Joyous - Don't be angry, my darlings
* Show respect to all, even your foes
* Be grateful for even the smallest gift
* Be honest in all endeavors

Please join my Reiki Healing Circle - from wherever you are in the world.
You may enter a healing request online in my Reiki Healing Circle post. Tell me a little about yourself or the situation, and how I may be able to help. A recent photo would help, with your location. And yes, you may request healing to a situation, if not to a person.

If you are asking on behalf of another person, please ensure they are willing to receive. Then send me details of that person - thank you.

Mostly, distant healing is sent at 10 am (EST). I will advise you by Email when completed.

Dr Usui wrote the original Principles. He stated that a person should ask for healing, and that we should not force healing on people! When someone is not available for permission, I will go in a meditative state and ask from one soul to another to receive reiki if it serves this person highest good.
Also Dr. Usui believed there should be an "exchange" for Reiki healing.

In order to maintain this service please make a donation.

Alternatively you may enter a healing request online in writing. http://www.risingenergy.com/Healing-Circle.html


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