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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Increase Happiness THREEFOLD Through Acts of Kindness.

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Increase Happiness THREEFOLD
Through Acts of Kindness.

Your acts of kindness will spread happiness through the universe in three amazing ways.

1. It's simple enough to understand that when you perform any act of kindness you also increase the happiness of the recipient of the act, if only for a moment. But the amazing thing is your act of kindness actually provides happiness to other people besides the recipient of the act.

2. It should make you happy as well. It always feels good to be kind, generous or caring to another. Part of the reward you get for acting kind to those you interact with is the feeling of happiness and joy you experience as the giver.

3. Your act of kindness will also increase the happiness of observers and bystanders of the act.

Increase Your Happiness Now.
In addition to performing acts of kindness and being open to the kindness others offer you, as you go through your day, take time to consciously observe the acts of kindness that are happening between others all around you. As a mere observer you will benefit with increased happiness just by witnessing these acts! As you notice more and more acts of kindness you'll feel more and more grateful for the happiness they bring into your life. You'll begin to shift your perspective to one of gratitude. From here you'll start to notice more and more things in your everyday life that you are grateful for. You'll begin to attract more and more things in your life that bring you happiness and joy!


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