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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Free Distant Healing Circle

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Free Distant Healing Circle
by Rising Energy at http://www.risingenergy.com
* Be carefree -don't worry, be happy
* Joyous - Don't be angry, my darlings
* Show respect to all, even your foes
* Be grateful for even the smallest gift
* Be honest in all endeavors

Please join my Reiki Healing Circle - from wherever you are in the world.
You may enter a healing request online in my Reiki Healing Circle post. Tell me a little about yourself or the situation, and how I may be able to help. A recent photo would help, with your location. And yes, you may request healing to a situation, if not to a person.

If you are asking on behalf of another person, please ensure they are willing to receive. Then send me details of that person - thank you.

Mostly, distant healing is sent at 10 am (EST). I will advise you by Email when completed.

Dr Usui wrote the original Principles. He stated that a person should ask for healing, and that we should not force healing on people! When someone is not available for permission, I will go in a meditative state and ask from one soul to another to receive reiki if it serves this person highest good.
Also Dr. Usui believed there should be an "exchange" for Reiki healing.

In order to maintain this service please make a donation.

Alternatively you may enter a healing request online in writing.


At 4:23 p.m., Blogger Daniel Taverne said...

Hi! I'm returning the visit. You have a pretty interesting blog going on here. I've been interested inother realms of life for years, and have actually almost astral projected (on purpose) a few times... what a strange feeling that is. It was scary for me, actually because I didn't seem to have control of where I was going.

Anyway, I don't have a pic of myself to send you, but if you want to try and long distance heal me, I've got an unusual condition that has the doctors perplexed. Also, this condition has led to my legal blindness status. If you're willing to try to heal me, I'll be receptive. I live in Northeast Louisiana, my name is Daniel. Well, Take it easy...
and good living to you!

At 6:20 p.m., Blogger RisingEnergy said...

Thanks Daniel for your visit. I will post you in the morning healing circle.

At 8:57 a.m., Blogger Akilah said...

Hi! I am returning your visit. You have an excellent blog, and I have bookmarked it. Lot of great information! I've also shared your blog with some clients. (Hope you don't mind.)
Love and Light!!

At 11:32 p.m., Blogger Daniel Taverne said...

Well, I looked over your web site and found it to be an interesting read. let me just say I always liked to entertain the validity of ancient practices such as the things you do, but it seemed that with each of them a christianity (biblical) reading has denounced such practices as witch craft and the like.. So, I have grown fearful of even believing in even my own gifts, much less other people's.

I'd like to know how one comes to terms with risking eternal life with God/Jesus by accepting such abilities, beliefs and practices.

I am not perfect though, as I said above, I do like entertaining these "nontraditional" abilities. I guess the reason for this is that I have seemed to always touch the edges of understanding how to be more confident and aware of how they work. That being said, my abilities seem random, though I dream more than anyone I know. I sometimes know things I have no business knowing, and I have discovered the power of visualization, but have had only intermittant success with it.

Well, I suppose I am a little long sinded, so I'll let you go.

Thanks for visiting my blog http://www.dtaverne.blogspot.com


At 12:31 a.m., Blogger Psychic Reader said...

hello there rising energy.

i find you blog and your site to have kloads of info. very interesting, to say the least.

i popped a few links to this blog


hope it helps you out


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