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Friday, October 21, 2005

Ancient Mistake Fools Millions-The Astrology most often associated Western Civilization is WRONG and MISLEADING.

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"Ancient Mistake Fools Millions"
The Astrology most often associated Western Civilization is WRONG and MISLEADING. The problem stems from Classical Greek and Moorish Astrologers who translated the Zodiac they inherited from the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians incorrectly. Nothing has been right since.
However, in 1949 the modern day father of astrology the great Astrologer and Astronomer Cyril Fagan of Dublin, Ireland, (1896-1970) discovered the mistake. Modern SIDEREAL ASTROLOGY was born.

The Zodiac is in fact Fixed. The Zodiac or Ecliptic (the physical path of the Planets around the Sun) is NOT Moving. The stars and space are sitting there and the Planets are moving through the stars and space around the Sun. Rather than being a philosophical matter of opinion this is plain old-fashioned Physical Astronomical Reality!

Now we can get it right. Using the fixed star Fiducial Point Spicka as 29 degrees of Virgo 6 minutes Astrology is once again back in alignment with the physical reality of Astronomy.
SIDEREAL means measured by a star or physical reality. Using this technique the symbology again fits the delineation. The predictions are now correct. The timing of events is accurate. SIDEREAL ASTROLOGY.

The majority of the Predictive Technique is symbolized on the cyclic charts, including the solar and lunar returns. The return of the transiting (or current) sun and moon, to the same Zodiacal longitude they occupied at the time of ones birth, snaps a picture of the coming yearly and monthly cycle.

Utilizing the (fixed) SIDEREAL ZODIAC, the cyclic charts show the ebb and flow of daily life with amazing accuracy, clarity and consistency. The secondary progressed planets and primary angles, rather than being years off, show long-term cycles and some current events ON TIME. Given accurate birth data, the timing most events to within about Five Seconds is routine.
So now we KNOW that if you think you’re a Taurus, you’re probably not - there is an 80% chance you are an Arian. Think you’re a Piscean, you’re not - 80% chance you’re an Aquarian.
The true dates of the constellations or signs go approximately from the fifteenth to the fifteenth of the month starting Aries at April fifteenth to May fifteenth and so on right on around the Zodiac.

The actual dates may vary by a day or so for a certain sign in certain years due to the leap year phenomenon. The Zodiac is constant however the calendar wobbles. Herewith are the approximate dates of the signs. "Gramalkin®™©1970"-v10-19.5
Sidereal Zodiacal Constellations or Signs Epoch 1950
Aries = April 15th; Taurus = May 15th; Gemini = June 15th; Cancer = July 16th; Leo = Aug 17th; Virgo = Sept 17th; Libra = Oct 17th; Scorpio = Nov 16th; Sagittarius = Dec 16th; Capricorn = Jan 15th; Aquarius = Feb 14th; Pisces = March 15th.

Gramalkin is the direct inheritor of Cyril Fagan’s insights, knowledge and research, his foremost practicing direct heir out of the "San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology" directed by "Fagan’s Chosen Heir" the Reverend Professor John Mazurek where Gramalkin was privileged to study, and carry Fagan’s and Mazurek’s techniques in trust to provide the public accurate and reliable astrological charts, tarot readings, lectures, tutoring and books to thereby help improve ones life condition and spiritual evolution. http://www.gramalkin.com
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